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We help create corporate videos that communicate

your message to your audience. So if you

need to showcase a product, maybe talk about a

service or convey an ethos, we’re here to help

produce creative videos that tell your story.


At Matt Wain we can help with everything from

the initial idea to final delivery

and everything between.

White Board - Educational


EIPC wanted a light-hearted way to help their

new colleagues understand the complex relationship

between EIPC and its stakeholders.


Working closely with the team at EIPC

we produced this 5-minute white

board animation.

Case Study


Hans-Peter Porsche, of Porshe cars fame, spent

a lifetime collecting toys. So, as a gift to his community

in southern Germany he built a museum.


The museum included the most amazing model

railway. Our client, Christie Digital, had recently installed

a 30-projector system to ‘extend’ the horizon

of the model and asked us to

help create a video to tell the story.



Shot in 4k to promote the new ‘Boxer’ projector for

web and exhibition graphics, the key to making

this series of three shorts work was

the model.


We needed someone who knew what it was like to

be in a ring and could bring that experience

to the shoot. What we found was Arunas,

semi-professional cage fighter,

full-time lawyer and part-time model.



To keep pace with growing demand, the Subway® brand

moved their cookie production from the

US to Germany.


We created two videos to help explain why to Franchisees.

One in English, one in German - with voiceover and in-store footage recorded in the UK - and factory footage and interviews shot in Germany.



Surface Media, a digital marketing agency, wanted

to show, as the background to their new website,

‘life at Surface’.


We produced a film with soft focus and

high contrast so as not to distract from the information

sitting on the website, but still be visually

striking as a background.


Promotional and Case Study


Experiencing true 3D in an immersive environment,

one you can walk around in and interact with is

something you don’t forget.


TechViz are global experts in this technology and wanted

to demonstrate their Paris-based immersive 3D

experience to new clients.


During our two-day shoot we produced two 3 minute movies

and two shorts, each visualizing different themes.



Our customer wanted a full house of senior industry

guests for the screening of their new

cinema technology.


They asked two well-known industry professionals

to help achieve this and we produced three fun

promotional shorts. And they got their full house!



Vox Pox – Linked to the above video


This video was shot at the screening mentioned above,

the client wanted to interview key industry professionals

and then talk to people leaving the screening to

see what they thought.


Shot on the fly with little or no set up time between

shots we produced this 3-minute video and then

subtitled it into seven languages.


Workplace Information


This was a series of videos introducing new and existing customers to three offices around Europe.


Shot in the UK, France and Germany, we created videos

to showcase each office, promoting the facilities

offered regionally and help reinforce the close links

between the European offices that better

serve customer demand.



Our customer, AW Bespoke brings unique classic tailoring

with a creative twist to your home or place of business.


They commissioned us to produce a video to show the process

of making a suit for new customers. The video tells the story.