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Natural business portraits


A natural approach to corporate portrait photography is becoming increasingly popular. Companies who commission

a corporate portrait photographer are likely to be looking for natural business images that capture emotion and personality, rather than the stiff, formal portraits that once adorned the pages of annual reports and corporate brochures. Capturing emotion and personality through the lens is an art that takes not only talent as a photographer, but also the ability to put

a subject at ease, guaranteeing that you get creative business portraits delivered in a natural photographic style. The image shown here is from a corporate location photography shoot for a blue chip financial services company in central London.


Timing was crucial given the hectic schedules of the senior management team, so Matt visited their offices beforehand to ensure he had a good idea of the internal locations he could use. The business portraits that were taken that day have since been used across countless pieces of marketing as well as featuring prominently on their relaunched website. Business portraits are, quite literally, the face of your business and it is critical to ensure that you commission the services of a talented professional corporate portrait photographer. They should be able to demonstrate their professionalism and experience as a commercial business photographer via their website, an extensive portfolio and, of course, in person.

Do they put you at ease? If they do, the chances are they”ll put your CEO at ease to.


August 12th, 2017

Corporate image of employee

Be creative with your corporate photography


Corporate photography doesn’t have to be boring. It’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that a business is represented positively by their presence online and using creative corporate photography on your website can go a long way to ensuring your business is noticed in a positive light. Consistency of style reflects well on a company by implying that thought and consideration has been given to the process.


Websites full of mis-matched images cobbled together from other projects just look messy and unprofessional – not the first impression you want to give a potential new customer. Your website will be judged alongside your competitors with just the click of a mouse, and in order to make them want to delve deeper than just your home page, it needs to stand out from the crowd. When commissioning corporate photography, consider the style of shot required to ensure the end result fits with your businesses character and the image you wish to portray. The natural corporate portrait seen here offers a friendlier view of a business than the posed and formal portraits of the past. A short meeting with a corporate portrait photographer before the shoot date will ensure the brief is discussed in detail and that any specific requirements or constraints are agreed. It also gives a professional creative photographer an opportunity to offer suggestions for backgrounds, lighting and post-production techniques that may enhance the creative process and ensure that the natural business portraits taken are an asset to your website; and that the website is an asset to your business.


July 19th, 2017

Industrial photography Reading UK

Corporate video production


Videos must be eye-catching and appealing, and entice a prospective consumer into wanting to know more.

Choosing a talented professional to produce it is imperative, but the choice of providers can be daunting.

Producing a corporate video for the first time can be daunting. Even if experienced, there’s a long list of important factors to take into account beforehand. Being prepared is essential if you want to stick to your deadline and budget. Turning up on the day unprepared and just hoping that it will “all come together” is usually

a recipe for disaster!

Matt Wain has extensive experience in commercial video production, and is very aware of the pitfalls that inexperience can lead to. That’s why, whenever we are in initial discussions about producing a creative and targetted corporate video, we offer clients our video production

check list to help with their preparation. Here are just a

few of things on this list to give you an idea.

PRE PRODUCTION : Discussions where the shoot objectives, storyline, audience and controlling idea are all thrashed out. Nailing down the budget, deciding if you want to include Case Studies or a Partner are all key decisions to make at

this stage.


LOGISTICS : Once you’ve finalised the outline of the project, you can move onto logistics. How long do you need? Will the shoot be weather dependent? Is there access at the chosen location and do you need permission to be there? If you

don’t get the logistics right, the whole project could come to a grinding halt – and you could end up looking a bit daft.


CONTENT : Including interviews in your corporate video can be very reinforcing, but come with a host of additional considerations. For example, does the interviewee speak fluent English? Do they have time constraints? Even the

most experienced speaker can be intimidated by lights and

a camera so perhaps an auto cue would be a good idea?

It’s vital to ensure the script is finalised ahead of the shoot day as making changes on the day can take time… and therefore cost money.


AVAILABILITY : When the day of shooting finally arrives, be prepared to be present to review footage, make decisions

and liaise with stakeholders.


POST PRODUCTION : Once the video has been shot, there

is still work to be done. The post-production editing phase might include decisions about graphics, logos, effects, music, sub-titles etc, which are all important decisions and should be well considered.


The list of things to consider before embarking on a

corporate video is extensive. It is,

however, vital to ensure that the end result is the slick, professional and targeted video you envisaged in

your initial brief.


July 1st,2017

Corporate business shots for engaging consumers. Reading, London, photographer

Natural Business Photography - London


There are many professional but uninformed people who think that good corporate portrait photography can be achieved simply by choosing any old photographer who has

a flashy camera, or roping in Tony from Personnel who counts digital photography as a hobby.


The truth is that your corporate business photography is, quite literally, the face of your business. It appears on your website, your annual report and across countless pieces of marketing collateral. It is far too important to be left in the hands of anyone except a professional and experienced corporate portrait photographer.

Whether you are looking for business portraits, annual report photography, head and shoulder shots, London corporate location photography or natural boardroom photography, make sure you do your research. Choose a photographer

who has experience in creative people photography, boardroom photography (also known as reportage photography), and can capture emotion while keeping it natural – corporate business portraits don’t have to be boring!


A professional and experienced corporate portrait photographer will showcase their work via their website, an extensive portfolio and, of course, in person. Ensure the

style of their work suits your needs – there’s no point in commissioning a photographer who specialises in formal portraits when you’re looking for casual business

photography that can capture emotion. Do they put you at ease? If they do, chances are they’ll also put your Chairman at ease and you’ll get the best shot.

You also need to ensure they have post-production facilities and experience because if an image needs to be retouched

or enhanced, you want it done quickly, efficiently – and with talent


Make the right choice with your corporate photographer.

If you buy cheap, you could end up buying twice.

Matt Wain is a London based professional corporate photographer. He photographs people… for annual reports, head-shots, corporate portraits and reportage boardroom.


May 17th, 2017

Financial Services Photography


Financial services corporate portraits from a distance

I do quite a bit of corporate portrait photography for financial services companies but this was my first job for Euroclear. The Art Director had come across my website, liked my style of casual business portrait photography, and commissioned me to shoot relaxed business images of members of their senior management team.

Corporate business photographer London


The slightly unusual aspect to this job was that I never met the Art Director. He was based at their HQ in Brussels so although the brief for head and shoulder shots was discussed in detail beforehand, we never met face to face and he wasn”t present at the shoot. Some might consider this a leap of faith on his behalf, but he could see from the corporate portrait portfolio on my

website that I have a very distinct and natural style; and that was exactly the look he wanted. Business head and shoulder images don”t have to be boring, although creative corporate portraits are usually only taken by creative people photographers.


Ask Andy from Accounts to photograph the senior management team using his latest digital toy and although you may save a bit of money, the results are far more likely to look posed, stilted and… sorry Andy…. boring. This shoot proves that the location of the corporate portrait photographer you commission is far less relevant in today”s international business world. The key is to commission a business photographer who shoots in the style you want, does it professionally, on time, and on budget.


April 22nd, 2017

Site best viewed landscape

The Man in the Blue Shirt


There are all types of head-shots. Posed shots on a simple background, formal shots, candid shots, documentary shots. So many to choose from. But which corporate portrait style represents you and your business the best.

Well that’s something we can’t answer for you, but there has been a shift away from more staged shots, to something that looks more natural. Less ties on to more ties off.

This shot is a great example, a team of award winning architects commissioned Matt Wain Photography to spend two days shooting various directors, some using the stunning building as a background and some where we staged meetings like the shot below ( still using the great architecture).

We have been asked to sell this shot many times, which of course we won’t. The reason

I think it works so well – it captures the essence of business. The subject looks approachable but engaged, work is in progress. We shot each of the key people using this staged meeting approach to complement the other portraits we did

of them so that each subject ended up with two very different looking shots to use in different pieces of marketing collateral.

Matt Wain Photography captures natural images for corporate businesses, based in London, Reading, the Thames Valley, UK and globally.


August 14th, 2017

Natural corporate business meeting shot

Financial Services Portraits


Working in London’s financial sector we get to visit some

stunning boardrooms in some incredible buildings. But these rooms are busy places, so it’s not always possible to book them out for photography at the same time as people are

available for the shoot.

It’s often the case that we are commissioned to photograph people during board – executive or stakeholder meetings,

people might be flying in from around the globe, so the board room is often not available.

The shot here demonstrates that although the room we used to shoot this series of natural business photographs was a

reasonable size, there where no windows, so the ability to

light the room up in a very natural way was important.

If you want your corporate business portraits to look ‘alive’ first start with the lighting, then talk to the subjects so they forget ( a bit ) that they are being photographed and then capture the moment. There’s no point in spending the time and money building that new website, sending out that PR release, producing that sales document – if the images

on it look flat and boring.


If your images are flat, your people look flat too.


July29th, 2017

Location, industrial photographer and videographer for business

Investing in a library of original images


Convincing a client to commission professional, original photography is not always easy. They often believe that buying an existing stock shot from one of the many online image libraries is an inexpensive and quick fix. What they often don’t realise is that image libraries have numerous criteria on which they base their fees, and the costs can mount up very quickly, especially for multiple

or exclusive use.

Once committed to using a library image, it’s not easy to go back and the fees can really mount up. To then see that very same image splashed across a competitor ad in a trade publication only goes to highlight the benefits of building a library of original and creative photographic images.

Creative industrial photography, taken by a professional location photographer, can make a business stand out from its competitors. By investing in original photography and building a library of industrial images, construction photography or location shots a business can ensure that the images fit their brand and corporate message exactly. They also have the advantage of exclusivity – shots are taken of their location, their construction project, their people – not some generic and uninspiring image that’s been used over an again in competitor campaigns.

Once a decision to invest in building a library of original images has been made, it’s well worth spending time planning to get a clear picture of the selection of images you want.

A specialist photographer, whether a London location photographer, industrial location photographer or professional business photographer, can contribute to this process and help an business maximise their budget and end up with a good selection images that can be used across many mediums to promote a business and a brand. They will be specific, on target and perfectly aimed at their audience.

An investment in creative original photography could make a world of difference to your business. A stock shot won’t.


July 05, 2017

Industrial photography on location

The craft of a London corporate photographer


It’s reassuring to know there are still a few areas of British industry that aren’t automated  and continue to demand

true craftsmen.

This shoot for Hampshire County Council took Matt Wain, professional people photographer, to an aerospace company who produce parts for military and commercial aircraft. Spare parts for some aircraft are no longer produced en masse, so these pieces are hand-crafted as and when they are needed. A whole team of craftsmen dedicate their time and talent to building aircraft pieces from scratch – without a conveyer belt or automated system in sight. They rely on the experience, knowledge and talent that true craftsmen possess.

The same can be said for all professional commercial photographers. You can possess the most expensive kit on the market but without knowledge, experience and talent, your final shot is likely to be lacking. Of course knowledge and experience can all be achieved by hard work and perseverance but talent is something you cannot teach, it’s just there, inbuilt and ready to release itself given the right outlet.

To be a professional people photographer takes talent – and quite a bit of it. Whether you photograph people for advertising, corporate portraits or annual report photography, the ability to capture personality and movement is key to bringing the shot alive.

Matt is often commissioned on the back of his extensive portfolio of creative people photography. His natural style

and ease of manner make him a popular choice for clients whether working directly for corporate clients looking for natural business images, corporate portraits or reportage shots; or working with an agency for advertising

photography and editorial images.

Anyone can take a photo. People photography is a craft,

and it takes a craftsman to become a successful,

professional, creative people photographer.


June 13th, 2017

Casual business corporate video and stills portraits and head shots.

Tie or no Tie?


Dress up Friday…


I recently read that some tech companies have introduced Formal Friday to encourage their usually casually dressed employees to don a suit for the day – quite a change from the days when Dress Down Friday was considered an indulgence. Similarly, while there will always be a role for formal corporate portraits, modern businesses tend to prefer a more casual approach to their business portraits and boardroom photography, also referred to as reportage or environmental photography.

This style of casual business photography suits Matt completely. As he says: “It”s about putting your subject at ease so you can capture personality and emotion. Whether I”m working on an ad shoot in London or corporate portraits in the home counties, I try to keep things natural and produce creative corporate portraits and natural people images.”


Matt Wain is a London based commercial photographer who specialises in people and places. His ability to capture emotion and personality through the lens delivers creative business portraits, and enables his clients to build in-house image libraries that that can be used across a wide range of mediums. From the corporate portraits and business photography on a website, to corporate annual report photography, these images are often the first visual

reference a potential client or customer has of a business. Make sure the face of your business is put in the hands of a professional and experienced corporate portrait


May 14th, 2017


Corporate business photography and video London
Natural corporate business meeting shot
Corporate image of employee
Location, industrial photographer and videographer for business
Industrial photography Reading UK
Industrial photography on location
Corporate business shots for engaging consumers. Reading, London, photographer
Casual business corporate video and stills portraits and head shots.

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