About Me..


In the 20 years I’ve been shooting, I’ve made Paul Daniels disappear –

and yes he was as surprised as I was, been trapped by ‘wind’ in a car in Iceland, streamed 4G video a mile underground in the Artic Circle, photographed a guy called Danny who survived the 7/7 bombings

( truly humbled by his forgiveness ), I’ve scrambled up water towers, dangled out of helicopters even

worked with a model who was terrified of bare feet.

I still absolutely relish what the next job will bring creatively,

where it will take us and who we will meet.


Work takes us all over the UK and Europe shooting within many business environments.

Nicky and I are as happy in a cow shed as a corporate boardroom and always approach jobs in

a relaxed and professional way. We’re used to working around tight schedules, last minute

meeting changes and impossible deadlines, so we can edit and deliver images and video to fit your needs.


If you are looking for a commercial photographer or videographer

to engage your audience then please get in touch.


Photographers I admire.


I find inspiration in many places and appreciate the work of many photographers.

Richard Avedon’s close, show-every-follicle approach to portraiture can be pretty jarring,

but his ability to render both his  and his sitters' personalities in each image he creates is uncanny.

Sabastiao Salgado is a photojournalist in the best sense of the word.

His lens captures the beauty in his subjects' gritty reality.

I admire Andreas Andreas Gursky for his large-scale, colour photographs distinctive for their

incisive and critical look at the effect of capitalism and globalisation on contemporary life.

Another photographer I admire greatly is Don McCullin who has been quoted as saying:

“I use a camera like I use a toothbrush. It does the job. McCullin is an internationally regarded British photojournalist particularly recognised for his war photography and images of urban strife.